The unique combination of instruments and approaches produced the effect of a new - and thoroughly beguiling - musical language. ” - Jessica Nicholas

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Firetail's music spans from 70’s jazz-fusion, South Indian Carnatic music and their very own brand of jazz-tronica. Since 2018 Firetail has been blending soul-infused rhythms with evocative melodies and driving percussion. Firetail's unique sound is further enriched by collaborations with diverse disciplinary artists, weaving a tapestry of musical unity that transcends borders.


Firetail's debut album “Undertow” will be released digitally and on a limited run of Hot Pink Vinyl on the 4th of April 2024. This album is a deep dive down the whirlpool of space-jazz-funk. Three singles have been released so far…

“Papier Mache Cave” was released on March 2nd, 2023. 

“Mind is Space” feat TheNoEgoThing? was released on Nov 17th, 2023.

“Can't Sleep” was released on the March 7th, 2024. 

“Undertow” was mixed and engineered by Myles Mumford and Mastered by Rick O'Neil. Produced by Firetail.


In 2021 the EP "Glow Worm" was released.

In 2020 the EP "Bamboo" was released 


“Truly a musical journey that moves in and out of jazz and neo soul textures to progressive experimental post rock with heavy doses of psychedelia all smacked with a wet sloppy kiss of jazztronica flavors”......American Pancake

'Dadaistic nu jazz, by one of the best emerging acts from Australia'..... Last Day Deaf

 "I love this uninhibited band not only for their absolute commitment to creating this whacky music, but because they have a distinctly Melbourne sound that never fails to bring me back to the dark, sticky bars of my hometown."..........ABC Jazz

 “This is how musical cognition may sound”..... Grotesqualizer




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